Sage & Energy Cleansing

In the shop: Sage & Energy Cleansing

We adore sharing our knowledge of energy cleansing. If you’re new to this ritual, we invite you into our shop to view some of these beautiful bundles in-person.

At Willow Shaper, you can find white sage bundles to cleanse the energy of a room, yourself, your crystals, or to clear general negative energy. White Sage with Dragon’s Blood provides all of the above, with additional properties to keep negative energy from reentering the space.

Yerba Santa is a favorite in our shop - used to honor ancestors, increase psychic powers, and bring healing and protection, while the Sacred Dwelling Burn Bundle is best used in rituals or given as a house blessing gift. This bundle is made with Statice, which imparts strength & endurability, Strawflower to symbolize agreements, Lavender for protection and cleansing new spaces, and Baby’s Breath, which is symbolic of happiness & positivity.

To properly enjoy a cleanse, open a few windows and doors to help any smoke and negative energy escape easily. Light your burn bundle over your burn-safe dish or bowl until a small flame lights.. While holding your burn bundle over the dish, lightly blow on the flame until it goes out. The bundle will then smoke gently, like incense. Trace the bundle in the air around your home, and be sure to tamp out the end of the bundle when finished.

We work with a myriad of burnable herbs & flowers, however, sometimes the flowers we work with are finite. This causes some very slight variations in the bundles. While there may be slight differences, we promise that the bundles you receive will look as beautiful as the ones pictured. All of our bundles are proudly grown in the United States and produced in California.

burn wands
sage bundles displayed in a store