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Spell kits are for anyone who wants to manifest changes and great things in their life.

At Willow Shaper, we offer a revolving variety of Ritual and Spell Kits. In the shop, we often carry Love Spell kits to help open yourself to love, whether that be loving yourself or inviting love into your life. You can find Healing Spell kits to heal past emotional wounds, or a Cord Cutting Spell kit, to help you cut ties with the past - whether it’s a person, a bad habit or general bad aura of energy. We also offer ritual kits based on the current Sabbat. All of our Spell Kits help you reclaim your energy! If you are unsure of the best Spell Kit for you, we’ll gladly guide you toward what satisfies your intention.


“When I create my spell kits, I infuse each one with positive energy. I take time to think about the intended use and who may use it. The Willow Shaper Luck spell kits are crafted while thinking about good fortune into a person's life.”

- Patricia Bate, Owner

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