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In the shop: Tarot & Divination

Divination, or fortune telling, may be new to some of our visitors, but this ancient art has been practiced since the time of the early Egyptians. Whether your spiritual journey is just beginning or ever-evolving, we certainly have the right tarot deck for you…or the perfect one to gift!

If you’re just starting out, we have great Easy Tarot decks and even tarot decks for the littles! Edgar Allen Poe and Frida Kahlo decks are always a shop favorite, and we even have what we call pretty decks - visually stunning decks like The Golden Tarot of the Renaissance and the Klimt deck which features the art of Gustav Klimt.

For the lighthearted folks, we offer sweet decks for the cat lover, nature lover, and the kitchen witch! But if you’re being called to explore something darker, we carry Deviant Moon Tarot deck, Hoodoo Tarot, and Santa Muerte Tarot. Along with the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot for the tattoo enthusiast!

Let us help open up your "Third Eye" and allow you to reveal the truths that you are seeking to uncover.

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